People Over Profits grassroots network to protect civil justice

The American Association of Justice (formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association) promotes a fair and effective justice system — and supports the work of attorneys in their efforts to ensure that any person who is injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in America’s courtrooms, even when taking on the most powerful interests. The AAJ has issued a study on the ten worst insurance companies in America and what they do to deny claims, raise rates and take advantage of consumers. View the study.

ACLU: The American Civil Liberties Union is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization protecting individuals’ civil rights.

NLG: The National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to the need for basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system.

NPAP: The Police Accountability Project (a project of the National Lawyers Guild) is dedicated to ending police abuse of authority through coordinated legal action, public education, and support for grassroots and victims’ organizations combating police misconduct.

Massachusetts Local Chapter of the NLG, founded in 1937 as an organization dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system.

Class Action America: Reference guide and compilation of class action suits. Check to see if you are part of a class. an interesting resource for consumers interested in learning about defective products and predatory businesses Website of the National Consumer Law Center, full of useful information regarding predatory lending, unfair debt collection and other consumer issues.

Directory of State Law Websites: A compendium of state websites, where you can find state laws and other useful website information from all 50 states. Case updates with news and views on the law of search and seizure and arrest and detention, including the Fourth Amendment and state law.

Public Justice: a national public interest law firm committed to battling unnecessary secrecy in the courts, class action abuse and other assaults on the jury system and citizen’s rights to a fair trial. Public Justice is committed to fighting for consumer and victims’ rights, environmental protection and safety, civil rights and civil liberties workers’ rights, and to preserve the American civil justice system.